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The SpaceArt Creations...®  Franchise  

It brings the fascination of serene summer nights, romantic and relaxing,
every night under starry sky SpaceArt, in your own bedroom..


Look like an ordinary bedroom, no ?   Click PLAY to see the SpaceArt Creations...® effect !

        Unique Interior Decoratios ! The Franchise SpaceArt Creations…® transforms any bedroom into a genuine Planetarium, and it offers to you the thrill of the reencounter with the fascination of starry sky every night, even in the comfort of your own bedroom. The creations SpaceArt are materialized on any type of ceiling in only a few hours, without any prior training of the room, and are virtually invisible during the day. Original interior decorations SpaceArt doesn’t change the color or the appearance of the ceiling, looking like you always know it, but at night or in the dark, the decorations of the SpaceArt Franchise Creations will magically light on the ceiling, the effect of three-dimensional of the cosmic images is giving to your bedroom an atmosphere serene and starry summer nights.

Invisibile by day... Bring Romance & Relaxation at night !

  For more details or to order Interior Decorations SpaceArt Creations®, click here...





        Conceived from the vision and the desire of designers team SpaceArt to provide an environment unique and totally out the current patterns of actually interior decorations, the new concept decorative SpaceArt Disco FX is meant especially to the discos, clubs, bowling halls, cafés and restaurants that want to offer to the costumers a great space to spend time for fun. Made and using the latest technologies and materials developed by our specialists, the decorations SpaceArt Disco FX Design bring an unique and an attractive style to your disco or club. The decoratives creations SpaceArt Disco Fx Design can be photo-printed directly on your walls or ceiling space, irrespective of their material or color. Depending on the chosen theme, the decorations could be in the presence of natural light: Visible, Partial-Visible, Invisible. The SpaceArt Franchise and Interior Arrangements Disco FX Design was especially created for impress you !

  For more details or to order Interior SpaceArt Disco FX Design®, click here......




The Out-Door Style Franchise®

 Franciza SpaceArt Out Door Style Afaceri cu Decoratiuni Exterioare Amenajari Exterioare Unicat Piscine Gradini

     The Out-Door Style Franchise is dealing with the decorations of the swimming pools, gardens or other opened spaces. We offer articles and ambient outdoor decorations for gardens, the opportunities for treatment- decoration, with the effects of the light and magic color for the existent arrangement. The decorations and the articles SpaceArt Outdoor Style appears in a wide range of colors, divided into three categories: Visible, Partial- Visible, and Invisible in the ambient light.

  For more details or to order SpaceArt Out-door Style ®, click here...




The SpaceArt Franchise ® - A business with Interior Decorations

Do you want a good stroke of business, with maximum profit ?

 ...Full advantage of opportunities offered in the SpaceArt ® Franchise Business !  

Informatii despre Francize SpaceArt Decoratiuni Interioare SpaceArt Amenajari Interioare Exterioare Afaceri Unicat la cheie

     Be a head-leader in your own city !  Get involved in a successful business which will bring you a big financial business with propitious results and the appreciation of the customers and your family. The SpaceArt Franchise is a business opportunity that makes the creations unique and it has an investment accessible for a maximum profit. The SpaceArt Franchise offers a technological complete and complex package of products and services for your development and success. With the SpaceArt Franchise, you too can develop into a new field! You will receive support and assistance needed, which will help you to become a market leader in the area in which you will perform, leading a model business proved successful, with maximum chances of benefits !

 For details about SpaceArt Franchise ® and enrolement program, click here...




The SpaceArt Disco FX Design® Franchise

Do you have an unfit space and you dream at a cool, funky stylish Disco or Club ?

Press PLAY to put the SpaceArt designer team, to work...  

It realizes a special future-like atmosphere for disco or your club !

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