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The SpaceArt Concept...

....Created especially for you to can relax, admiring every night
the fascinating STARRY SKY in the comfort of your bedroom !

    Did you ever imagine that you can relax admiring the fascinating starlit sky in the comfort of your bedroom? The SpaceArt Creations concept managed to turn this dream into reality, so that in the day light the ceiling and the walls of your room are like you always know them, but at night or in dark the Interior SpaceArt Creations transform your room in a veritable planetarium, where thousands of stars, the Moon, The Milky Way, constellations, meteors, cosmic gas clouds, galaxies far-away, wonderful landscapes or even fairy tale characters light on the ceiling with a crystal transparence, providing you the thrill of the reencountering, with the most brilliant starry sky you have ever admired! Using an original innovative technology of permanent wall photo-printing, specially designed and tested with this purpose of our company, we realize in only a few hours, without any prior training of the ceiling or the entire room, the virtual- holographic image of a starry sky that will light on your bedroom ceiling every night forever !


                         Invisibles at the day light...                 Impressive at night..!



     The concept SpaceArt Creations revolutionizes the domain of interior decorations, giving future-like artistic creations with a high power emotional, which go over the barrier of the eyes and the mind, touching your soul, bringing a pleasant and relaxing state of mind. Visible only at night or in darkness, a magical light of artistic decorations SpaceArt Creations offers to your room an unique and exceptional environment, it combats the stress and the insomnia, it stimulates the state of relaxation and meditation, it gives a romantic atmosphere for adults, it is relaxing and soothing for professionals with a busy program, educative for young people passionately of astronomy, it acts as a pleasant and restful night light for the children who are afraid to sleep in darkness and above all this, it offers style and originality to the personal space. During the day or in the presence of ambient light, SpaceArt Creations are invisibles, it doesn’t change the color or the structure of the ceiling and it doesn’t interfere in any way with the decorative arrangement of your bedroom. To achieve these requests, we don’t install categorically sophisticated electronic devices, any kind of lighting systems or special fiber optic systems expensive. Without making holes or changing the color of the ceiling, without sticking any king of posters, we bring the true and fair view of artistic improved starry sky, to light all night long on the bedroom ceiling in a clear summer night, so you can relax and enjoy living the moments spent every evening under “The Starry Sky” in the comfort of your own bedroom. Order now a creation original SpaceArt and you will convince oneself that the starry Ceilings SpaceArt Creations are what you wanted to decorate your bedroom for long time ago.



  Franciza SpaceArt Decoratiuni Interioare Amenajari Unicat Dormitor amenajat cu Cer Instelat

     Ideal for :  Your Bedroom, Hotels, Motels, Pensions, Holiday Homes, Home Theaters, Therapy and massages Rooms, Rent Rooms, Meditation Rooms, Kindergarten, Boarding Schools, Creches. 


     SpaceArt Creations... The Original Brand  & First Name in MagicArt of Avantgard Decorations !


Trade Marks



    " SpaceArt Creations® invites the stars into your room!” the design, the texts, the graphic and the advertisement slogan are trademarks of SpaceArt International SRL, protected by the laws regarding commercial trademarks and geographic indications. The Copying, the publishing, the partial or full modification, the use in any way or through any ways without the written agreement of the owner is considered a fraud and is punishable according to international laws.




   The SpaceArt Creations concept …has in the process of being approved several innovations and patents that define the uniqueness of certain technological processes used and the exceptional qualities of materials created by our specialists, for the SpaceArt products.


Tests / Analisys


    All composite materials used for the execution Spaceart are in accordance with the rules and legal requirements on force, regarding the non-toxicity of their effects on people or on the environment. The latest test of the study of the environmental impacts conducted in laboratories of Bucharest Polytechnic Institute, as regarding the characteristics and particularities of the photo-polymeric composite used in specific procedures for achieving of interior decorations Spaceart revealed the exceptional qualities and the non-toxicity of materials of creation used by SpaceArt International. The results of the study and set of physical- chemical analysis are based on the experience and the competence of the specialists of the laboratory of the Polytechnic Institute and by a technical base of equipments, covering whole range of modern and performant analytical techniques and tools. The tests made on the materials photo-polymeric of execution, conceived and used by the SpaceArt company International have revealed once again their alignment to the highest quality standards worldwide, the primordial care of the company being the interests and the benefits to our customers by offering products of high quality. For this purpose, the permanents efforts of development and improvement made for the products and services offered by the company SpaceArt International confirm the quality and the conformity with the environmental requirements and ecologic National rules and European. Informative, we will present you some conclusions from the study environmental impact no. 22, 850 / 19. 12. 2006 conducted by the specialized laboratories in technology and inorganic substances of environmental protection, of the Bucharest Polytechnic Institute under the leadership – Dr. Lect. Cristina Orbeci. 


     The materials presented by execution of SpaceArt International SRL: AREN’T TOXICS, RADIOACTIVES and it doesn’t contain phosphorus, lead or other dangerous chemicals. The substances with properties photo-sensible SpaceArt are made on components dispersed or soluble in aqueous environment. SpaceArt products are not dangerous to the environment and human health, not even during the preparation, the applications or after the drying of the films applied. The substances used by SpaceArt do not contain preservatives, additives cancerous compounds or injurious to the human health or tot the environment.
Information about the environmental effects :
The product is inert ecologically and it doesn’t cause environmental or toxicological problems. It doesn’t cause irritation of the eyes, hands or mucous membranes. Disintegrating products: it doesn’t contain. It isn’t made up of dangerous compounds.
The density of the noxious effluvia - were not detected particles/ odorless product.
Technical features :
Visible aspect: Semi-transparent opaque. The duration of illumination in the dark produced after the photo-sensible reactions of accumulation and release of the stored energy light: 14 hours ( in conditions of optimum energy). The term of life of the processes of energy- lighting: > 20 years (without the intervention on physical-chemical product). Ripening-crystallization (drying): Permanent 76 fours after execution. The number of the colors specific of the photo- polymeric composite SpaceArt: 11.
The product is not flammable or explosive.
Stability and reactivity :
Stability : under normal use conditions the product is stabile. Thermal decomposition : No Dangerous polymerizations : No
Before application the product is sensitive to : Acids, bases, oxidant agents.
Identification of possible risks :
Risks for people or environment : NO There are no special requirements regarding use. It is not a product that requires special use or manipulation conditions, or special transport conditions.
     To conclude, the analyzed product is ecological and compatible to Romanian and Europeean Comunity environmental norms. Study coordinator - lector dr. ing. Cristina Orbeci.


SpaceArt Guarantee


The Guarantee SpaceArt – The SpaceArt quality and originality certificate.

     Classified in different themes and patterns, all SpaceaArt Creations are accompanied by a certificate that confirms the quality of the materials used, originality and uniqueness of artistic creation, ensuring artistic creations realized at the highest standards in order to enjoy the fascination of the starry sky in the comfort of your bedroom.
     If for some reasons, you do not receive the Guarantee Certificate and Authenticity after the execution, request the liberation on-line to the executive office SpaceArt, to can benefit the bonuses and the special offers and to participate at contests  organized by our company… click here...



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