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The Psychologist’s counsel :

SpaceArt decorative creations – a new method of relaxation and harmonizing, all recommended !

     During his lifetime, the human being has many interests, many of them becoming the immediate priority, without making every effort fulfilling them. In the latest years, anyone of us can observe an increasingly obvious tendency to diminish the role of the relaxation and at the same time the body’s ability to recover. Owing to the explosion of the information, environmental conditions or a program of life and work too full, encountered in the recent years of our society, it appears more often the problem of finding alternatives ways through which the people can handling successfully the demands of the environment. In this moment I propose a new and easy method, accessible to all, the relaxation under the “Starry Ceiling SpaceArt”, which can be used successfully as an alternative method to combat factors or emotional stress in your daily life.
     The works use a wide range of colors, the predominant color being blue, in different shades. Other colors used are purple, green, viridian, white, red and pink, bringing up the refinement and quality of images made by SpaceArt Creations. The colors chosen deliberately by SpaceArt to create a special atmosphere have influences on the psyche and health, being used inclusively in the therapy alternative of the field of the chromo-therapy. The colors are characterized by the wavelength and the frequency of the vibration of its own, attributes which allow the penetration to the molecular level in the organism to the human being and they can produce benefic effects. The colors used in decorative creations SpaceArt are the colors with the highest vibrating frequency from the bright spectrum and visible. For example, the blue color has the effect of decreasing blood pressure, to muscle tone, calming the breath and it decreases the pulse rate. At psychological level, blue is a calming color mentally, having effect of silence on the nervous system. It is ideal for sleeping problems/ insomnia and it removes the obsessing thoughts. It ensures an effect of mental reassurance and it supports the conscience when it is used meditation practices. It is anti-stress and it is calming for negative thoughts, it induces a state of relaxation, peace, harmony and gratitude yourself.
     Although the science has too much questions about the mechanisms by which the colors existents which surround us could influence our psyche and organism, various forms of alternative traditional medicine offer some plausible explanations. But unfortunately, these attributes are not really into account by the modern, rational and pragmatic man- the type of person of our days- who doesn’t believe only in things that he touches and measures. But the experience proves that the effects of the colors are incontestable, otherwise why we give so much importance when we have to pick the color for our house or when we chose the clothes? The designers, the artists, the decorators or the specialists in marketing use in their works the colors to influence and by their meaning for impressing the people and they produce visual effects that could offer something new and attractive to the customers. Using a variety of visual effects and colors, the images associated with the Outer Space from the composition of decorative creations Spaceart have the power to induce the feeling of spatiality and the opening to a high spiritual side of human consciousness, contributing to the slow overall metabolic activity which prepares most favourable the body to have a good restful sleep.
     The decorative patterns made by Spaceart can be used for educational purposes or recreation, for youth or teenagers, rousing them the passion for science and nature, developing in their consciousness the desire to learn more about the phenomena and the “world above”. The creations especially conceived for children can have a benefic influence on their psyche which it is on permanent development, steadying the fear to sleep in darkness, being statistically proved that 93% of the percentage of children aged between 1 and 8 years are afraid to sleep in a dark room.
Using the SpaceArt Creations can create a romantic atmosphere for couples, which can bring you real contributions to improving the emotional relations and even in your private life, passing away the conflicts and the routine occurred sometimes by the pressure present in our lives every day.
     As a psychologist and passionately fond of “beautiful”, I recommend devoutly to everybody the contemplation of the interior decorations SpaceArt, method of recreation and emotional self-control, all these to able to realize a mental equilibrium between the state of pressure accumulated during the day and the creative emotional state, dispositions induced by the following aspects: a well-ventilated room and with a slowly music or with proven therapeutic qualities. Give few minutes from your daily program, minutes of relaxation and contemplation and the beneficial effects on your mental health will not late to show up.
Psychologist Roxana Tudose
Psychologist Roxana Tudose     up

The sociologist’s opinion :

     With the help of the additional method, your body will feel full of positive energy using the recreation, under the “Starry Sky” with the merits of the relaxing music. The ambient electronic music represents a successful realization of the modern world as developing the spirit, the conscience; it drives away the pessimism, the insomnia and especially it offers unique moments of delight. It is proven scientifically that the cells of human body react differently on the sounds of this kind of music. It is not something “immaterial”, would attain some researchers. The support for the sounds is the air which we breathe. Whether if it is the crystal sound of a bell or the disturbing noise made by a car, the sounds are “moving” in the air, bringing an “acoustic pressure” on us and depending on the produced sound, our timpani are “delighted” or “scratched”. All the sounds of the environment have their own frequency, their own vibration. The noises around us, the daily agitation, the people we meet and we interact with them, the situations that we need to face are getting us tired physically, but mentally too. To relax and get in harmony with the environment, we need a special ambient music which has the power to calming us and to prepare our body and our mind to face the social requests for the next day.
      The ambient music for relaxation is composed of common music, the sounds acting directly on the psyche, chosen especially to induce the state of perfect happiness, floating, a state which does not belong to earth, to the reality in which the listener does not perceive the real life, the environment, being placed somewhere far away, where the time seems expanded and it gets new dimensions, giving us the chance to get in contact with our subconscious. As an additional method of relaxation and harmonization, I recommend all of you to spend a few minutes each evening, just before falling asleep, under the splendor of the images created by SpaceArt, in background with the crystalline sounds offered by the electronic music and the beneficial effects brought to our organism, the creativity, the tranquility and the force of concentration is increased will help you to improve the social relations with everyone around you.
 Social Psychologist Dana Martis     up

Designer’s opinion :

What offers the New Decorative Concept launched by SpaceArt ?

     Although there is an almost of infinite variety of models types of arrangement or interior decorations visible during the day, SpaceArt International comes with the solution to provide a special atmosphere of your bedrooms in darkness. No matter how sublime or evaluated would be a bedroom during the day, when the night comes, nothing special, beautiful in darkness will not be able to create an unique ambient, so SpaceArt International propose you a new decorative concept for your bedrooms or rooms to rest and relax. Your room can become a special place, where, the Decorative Creations SpaceArt you benefit by an environment that aliments your soul and stimulates the creativity, where the magic offered by the virtual holographic image of a starry sky on the ceiling become an essential part of the design of your bedroom.
     The collection of Models and Decorative Creations proposed by SpaceArt Creations opens new horizons in the field of the interior decorations, giving you the opportunity to express your feelings and to get into a perfect harmony with the fascinations of the starlit sky, which induces a deep and strongly emotion, a well-deserved relaxation and besides all this it confers more style to the personal space. The themes and the patterns proposed by SpaceArt designers can make the difference between the simple functionality of your bedroom and an ideal space for meditations and recreation. The attraction unique of interior decoration of SpaceArt Creations consists in the ideal balance between the fascination of the cosmic images, visible only in darkness and their invisibility in the presence of light, so it doesn’t interferes in any decorative scheme of your room.
     The new decorative concept SpaceArt Creations comes to make you wishes into reality, offering you a wide range of themes and patterns that will integrate perfectly with the personal style of living fully in accordance with the personal preferences. As an architect and decorator, I recommend you to take full advantage and benefit from the ambient esthetic contribution, provided by the original decorative creations SpaceArt Mark, when you want to enjoy of a unique living place that will define and express your personality. Taking full advantage from the experience and the consultancy offered free by the SpaceArt Team, as well as the benefits of the concept SpaceArt Creations, you can enjoy the model which represents you the best every night!
                                                      Designer Diplomat Mircea Radulescu up  

The opinion of the research chemist :

Article published on 29.09.2006
                                                                                            Dr. Lector Engineer Cristina Orbeci   up

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