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The SpaceArt Team

     The existence of a prodigious potential creative and innovative has been the motive of the founding the SpaceArt company. The firm has as the main objective of activity the realization of the artistic decorations future-like, unique in the whole world, created for private and commercials residences, being the first company at international level that launched the concept “Starry Ceilings 3D” with the franchise and the technology of application, tested and registered, offering a wide range of patterns and colors, adaptable to all decorative schemes. The creative imagination, the fantasy and the concern for the development of the new concept launched by SpaceArt are defining elements of the company activity. Combining the wishes and the desires of our clients with future-like ideas of our team of artists, designers and technicians specialists, it has resulted special decorative creations, with a high power emotional, desired and appreciated by all age categories.
     We are trying to surpass and to know our customers better, to understand them and to find out their wishes, so our company offers free advice on choosing and customizing the themes and the patterns specific to the concept SpaceArt, in the same time we are trying to offer them to best solutions to realize the dream of having a profitable business, developing with the help of our partners for a viable system of franchise, at national and international level.
     For the wish come true, we are working with the best specialists and chemists in the field, developing permanently its own technology of mural photo-printing, using materials photo-sensible after an own recipe in technological processes specific SpaceArt, of the latest generation, in formula of photo-polymeric composite, unique in the world, tested to offer you the guarantee of the best decorative creations future-like the worldwide. Only with experience and seriousness the SpaceArt team aims to become the decorator of your dreams, to the highest standards.
International SpaceArt team :
Alexandru Barbu - General Manager, President C.E.O.
Doris Seracu Orlandea - Asistent Manager.
Ionel Pana - Marketing Director.
Narcisa Vraciu – Economic Director.
Catalin Radu Ionescu - Technical Director.
Cristina Mihaela Barbos - Director of Advertising and P.R.
Claudiu Pantazi - Lawyer, Legal Director.
Alexandru Eftimie - Webmaster
Cristina Orbeci - Dr. Lect. Engineer - Bucharest Polytechnic Institute, Department - The Technology inorganic substances and Environment Protection.
Eugen Pincopschi - Professor dr. ing. - member of the Romanian Academy.
Dana Martis - Sociologist, Psychologist.
Mircea Radulescu - Designer Diplomat

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