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Answers for frequent asked questions
1. What are the SpaceArt Creations decorations ?
Using a new technology  of permanent mural photo-printing , specially created and developed by SpaceArt company and using in the specific technological processes photosensitive materials in a own formula, unique in the world, registered and tested by photo polymeric composite, we realize the virtual- holographic image of he starlit sky, which will shine on your ceiling each night, forever…! During the day or in the presence of the environmental light SpaceArt Creations interior decorations are invisible, don’t change the color, the aspect or the structure of the ceiling and don’t interfere in any way with decorative arrangement of your bedroom. For sure we don’t set up sophisticated electronic devices, any projectors, expensive lighting systems made of optical fibers, without drilling or modifying the ceiling color, without gluing paper ads, or any photo wall papers we bring the exactly or artistic image of the starlit sky to light on your room’s ceiling, as in a clear summer night, for you to relax and enjoy the moments spent each night under the “SpaceArt Starlit Sky” in your comfortable bedroom.
2. To whom are the SpaceArt Creations decorations addressed ?
To all ages, because “The SpaceArt Starlit Skies “ bring a enjoyable and relaxing mood, defeat stress and insomnia, are relaxing, urge to meditation and dreaming, offer an intimate and romantic environment for adults, are educational for young students passionate for astronomy, restful for the tired professionals after a hard day, action as a nice and restful night light for the children who are scared to sleep in the dark and beyond all offer more style and originality to your personal place.

3. Are they invisibile during the day ?

During the day or in the presence of environmental light, your room’s ceiling looks normal, as you know it from the last renovation, because the used substances in the photo transfer technology have a mate transparent aspect and are photo printed directly on the multi thin layers painting used as support getting to the most half a millimeter thickness, being thus hard to observe when you closely look. In normal circumstances we can state that categorically they are invisible during the day and don’t interfere in any way with your room’s design.
4.Do you need special devices to see SpaceArt Creations decorations ?
The “holographic” images created by the SpaceArt Creations are seen in a natural way, special devices not being needed. Obtained in our own technology of photo printing the three dimensional effect “virtual 3D “ is permanent and you notice it the best in darkness.
5. For how many hours are the SpaceArt Creations visible in the dark?
A lot of factors are involved in the glance and lighting time as: the color or the structure of the ceiling, the patterns size or SpaceArt creation type, the window’s position or the sun’s presence during the day, the position and the number of environmental lighting devices, etc. according to the charging level and the exposing time to the natural or environmental light, you can benefit between 4 and 9 hours each night of the starlit sky’s magic in your bedroom. In the lab tests (ideal conditions) the lighting got to 21 hours!
6. How do you charge it? Every day?
To enjoy every night the magic of the SpaceArt cosmic images, your creation must receive enough direct light to charge with light energy, which will be released in the dark and will offer your bedroom the atmosphere of a starlit sky summer night. As how it functions, the SpaceArt creations are charged everyday from all the light sources available in the environment, without your assistance to be required, the best light source is the direct sun light following as power the special charging lamps “BLB” with black light which after 20-25 exposing time offer a maximum intensity to the images and a lighting time on the dark of SpaceArt creation of about 4-9 hours. A good charging is offered by the fluorescent custom pipes (neon) after an exposing time of 25-35 minutes. A satisfying charging is offered by the economic light bulbs with mini natural neon and electronic converter of 24-32 W (with white light) after an exposing time of 30-45 minutes. The weakest charging is offered by the normal bulbs and the halogen ones which offer 95% heat and only 5% useful lighting radiation, in this case being needed an exposing time of minimum 45-90 minutes to obtain a lighting time of 50%. If you have a north oriented window room or weak lighted and you wish a supplementary charging of the decorative creation and also for having a maximum and long lasting effect, I recommend you to order to SpaceArt a special charging source (small dimensions) which can be put on the wall or even on a shelf on your bibliotheca. For more information about the special charging lamps please visit the “Accessories” page.
7. How much dark must it be to admire them?
As the stars appear on the sky only during the night and you can see them in al their splendor far away from the city lights,SpaceArt 3D Creations interior decorations appear only during the night and on the dark. To best admire them and also to obtain a maximum three dimensional effect, the more dark it is in the room the best. Although the SpaceArt decorative creative images are visible in semi darkness too (or with the TV on) and if you have your room’s walls to a street strongly lighted the problem can be easily solved with a usual curtain.
 8. Is the lighting from the SpaceArt creation powerful or bothering?
The light from SpaceArt decorative images is of weak intensity, pleasant, not bothering for the sleep, very discreet and uniformly spread on the ceiling.
9. On witch type of wall painting can be made?
SpaceArt decorative creations can be made on any type of ceiling no matter the wall painting, on every types of paints, washable or super- washable, (the light color will offer the best results), on every fake ceiling made of expanded polystyrene or fibers , on carving, natural wood or lacquered, fabric, wall paper, glass or other materials for interior design.
10. Is it necessary a preparation of the ceiling or the room?
No matter of the painting old or recent, there isn’t necessary any preparation of the ceiling or the room, not even to move the furniture, any ceiling is good as it is to become “invisible” on the dark and to let you admire the fascinating cosmic images offered by SpaceArt Creations.
11. Are the used materials toxic or health damaging?
All the used composite materials from the technological processes of SpaceArt interior decorations are non-toxic, inodorous, without cancer provoking or health damaging composites, or to the environment. All the materials are tested and have analysis and testing certificates which confirms the ecological and non-toxic standards. For more information about the execution material particularities and characteristics, developed and used only in our company please access “Tests – Analysis – Accreditations” page.
12. Life guarantee?
The life of a SpaceArt decorative creation (according to the lab tests)  is 15-20 years, in reality because of the aggressive factors from the environment (pollution, humidity, etc) is considered a period of use of 8-10 years which we consider to be a longer life period then the painting or design on which is photo printed.
13. Are there any supplementary conditions in using SpaceArt Creations interior decorations?
As long as you interfere on them mechanically (deep scratching, abrasive polishing or chemical cleaning with acid solvents) you have nothing to do in using the SpaceArt Starlit Sky ceiling. For the rooms in which you frequently smoke please note: the SpaceArt decorations are super-washable! 
14. How long it takes to create a SpaceArt decorative creation?
Although is a complex procedure, according to the creation type or pattern and the dimensions, the time required by a execution team is between 2 and 5 hours for a medium surface of 9-14 square meters, which is the dimensions of a regular bedroom.
15. Are there any special conditions for the execution?
As the specially conceived and developed by SpaceArt technological process requests, all the operations are executed on full darkness! Being a similar process to photographic processes (of obtaining the negatives) the presence of light sources from the visible spectrum during the process leads to immediate irreparable damage of some elements from the polymeric composite. All the rooms where SpaceArt decorative creations are to be created are optically sealed to obtain full darkness conditions, and the access of unauthorized personnel is restricted throughout the entire execution period.
16. Which is the drying time after execution?  
30-50 minutes for touching, 4-6 hours for maturity, 12-24 hours for overcoat. SpaceArt recommends that you do not execute any kind of operations that generate dust in the bedroom, for 24 hours after the execution. After the full maturity (drying up), decorative creations become super-washable.
17. Can you personalize the SpaceArt creations?
 Certain SpaceArt creation themes like for example “Spatial porthole”, “Starlit Sky”, “Starlit Cupola”, “Cosmic Balance” and “Personal Planetarium“ can be personalized, adding to their componence. Astronomic or zodiac favorite constellation, cosmic gas clouds, falling stars and other celestial bodies from the SpaceArt Creations design collection. Please refer to the SpaceArt Creations design collection page in the “Celestial Bodies” section, and you can find a wide range of components with which you can personalize a SpaceArt decorative creation according to your personal preferences.
18. What type of SpaceArt creation should I choose?
You receive professional, free consultancy in choosing the SpaceArt creation type. According to the local conditions (your bedroom), the room’s dimension, the bed’s, window’s position, the allocated budget, SpaceArt gladly advises you, but the choice remains yours! SpaceArt decorative creations are cataloged in 12 base themes: Starlit Windows, Spatial Porthole, Meteorites rain, Stellar Spectrum, Starlit Sky, Starlit Cupola, Spiral Galaxy, Cosmic Balance, Mountain Scenery, Starlit Lagoon, Personal Planetarium and designs for the Fairytale World ; you are free to chose the theme or design that you like best!
19. Howl much is a SpaceArt Creations decoration?
Depending on the created type or design, the componence of the celestial bodies , the number of included colors or the complexity of the SpaceArt artistic creation, area , color or type of the ceiling on which it is executed, the prices vary between 22 and 40 euros (not including VAT) per created area square meter .
20. Do I get a guarantee an originality certificate? 
All the SpaceArt decorative creations are accompanied by a certificate of guarantee and authenticity. The SpaceArt interior decorations do not resemble anything that you have admired so far, that is why the originality certificate issued by SpaceArt guarantees you the quality, originality and certainty that nobody else will have a decorative creation identical to yours!
* If for some reason you did not receive the GUARANTEE AND AUTHENTICITY CERTIFICATE after work execution, please request the SpaceArt executive office to issue it on-line, to be able to benefit from the SpaceArt client guarantee, the bonuses and the special offers, and also to be able to participate in the contests organized by our company. In order for them to be issued on-line please fill in the form from the “Authenticity Certificates” page.

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