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     Are you invited to a disco, club or another location and you want to put into evidence certain parts of your body? SpaceArt DiscoFx Design offers cosmetic products with special effects BLB. Thus you can create an effect of brightness and color in your hair and makeup which will be observed only in the clubs, discos and other locations.

     Use the DiscoFx nail polish and your nails will shine during the party and in the natural light will look like a usual nail polish. Create a luminescent effect with DiscoFx Makeup, choosing your favorite colors which will create a mask of light under the effect BLB, being invisible during the day. Smile with bright lipstick DiscoFx and tide your hair as you want with the hair gel DiscoFx , so it will be created an Aurora around your head that at natural light will be seen as a simple hair gel…As you capture the attention of those around you, you will feel so special…

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