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     From ancient ages, the human being has tended to decorate his living place. Over the long history of the painted cave by the king palaces and luxurious villas today, the man adorns this place named “home” in his personal way with many staff he would like to see and to feel.
     SpaceArt out-Door Style is the chance to those who wishes luxurious decorations and it offers you a wide range of possibilities of decoration, creating an environment very nice. We can offer stones, clams and sand that shine at night without electricity and customary accessories in many decorations as both interior and exterior, in the dry or wet environment.
     Our stones, lighting in different colors can be arranged in the house, in various ways, in different places. Ideal as a natural barrier against the evaporation of the water from the flower pot or other floral arrangements, for the decoration of the stairs, the places you want to delimit or only to be noticed, using your imagination you can get unique decorations, but and with their utility too. 
     Relax watching a beautiful aquarium with fish or indoor waterfall. Our company offers now the possibility that small waterfalls and aquariums can be transformed into a SpaceArt unique interior decorations, using sand, stones, clams, rocks or ornamental plants, luminescent and non-toxics; it aren’t flammable or soluble in water. But not only in the house can use luminescent stones, but also in the garden where you can build a mosaic pavement which can light in your yard at night forming different patterns of colors.
     SpaceArt Out-Door Style uses several types of natural rocks especially treated, without the use of plastic copies of natural rocks.




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