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Waterfalls, ornamental plants and garden articles

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     The specialists SpaceArt Out-Door Style can pave or just to mark the alleys and natural steps of your garden with rocks that shine at night in several colors. Even the gravel around the flower beds can be illuminated without affecting the plants because the material that is used to obtain the luminescent is ecological, the garden becoming the favorite summer to spend all the evenings, having a dream landscape in the garden, but inside the house too.
     And after you have decorated the alleys and you have marked the flower beds with bright stones like in fairy tales, we continue by offering artificial waterfalls with games of lights, without the magic garden can’t exist. Thus, watching the rocks and the sand with phosphorescent colors during the night, with rays of light which overpass through the colored water and listening too the sound of the water that falls among them, so you can relax or spend a wonderful evening together with your family and friends.




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