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Swimming pools, Jacuzzi, Baths

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          SpaceArt Out-Door Style can turn an ordinary pool in a dream!

    Those who want to create a special atmosphere, out of old patterns can address to our company which offers the best services. We offer the opportunity to have in the pool games of lights in a variety of shades: green, blue and violet light that will light during the night without using the electricity.

     Do you want a romantic night in a pool with a decor of dream? Call us…SpaceArt Out- Door Style and we will guarantee you that you will be pleased. Appealing us you can decorate your little aquatic universe with sea and ocean creatures, creatures looking perfectly natural and visible at night. We will create a luminescent effect above the water line and at the access points and with the adornment of the bottom area with marine images, in this way we will give you a glimpse of ocean in your home, it will become your little aquatic refuge that we can share with the lode ones, friends…

     SpaceArt Out-Door Style can transform your aquatic dream into reality. The materials which we are operating are guaranteed and ecologically, we offer two types of material: glossy lake. Component double (Cristal Clear) or special phosphorescent paint for swimming pools with the aspect and the adherence of sponge-rubber, both available in several shades and visible during the day: white, green, blue.

     The fun begins with the slides TOPOGANE for the pool! We provide the slides to have a mini water-park even in your home, the adults or the children in this way can enjoy the attractions for the slides for swimming polls…We create ornamental luminescent waterfalls too which create an impression of paradise and during the night, relaxing while you listen the sound of the water in the middle of the mountains. (See the page as well…gravel, gardens)

     We are thinking at your comfort and safety! If you have among the loved ones captious children, grandparents or even pets which may fall into the pool because the inattention, we are offering you alarms which the movement of the water activates them. With this you can prevent accidents that may happen at night, but at day too..




 Possibilities for arrangement :

                    1. Plating with grit stone- faience initially treated according to the model you want.

                    2. The uniform coloring of the existent surface with the material and the color desired.

                    3. Creating the luminescent effect above the water and access points in the pool, along with the decoration area submersible with luminescent images of marine plants and animals.


Pool accessories :


Tables, Chairs, umbrellas

Lighting systems and alarms


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