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The principals models, SpaceArt Creations...®

Your creation can be customised, starting to this models...


Starry Windows

     Starry Windows The long lost fascinating starlit sky comes back to the virtual window of your bedroom, every night …

Space Porthole

     The Spatial Porthole A round or oval SpaceArt Creations decoration which turns the ceiling into a virtual porthole…


Meteorites Rain

     Interior SpaceArt Creations decoration which offers a spectacular astral movement sensation …


Stellary Spectrum

     Discover a new visual concept in a special decorative creation.


Starlit Sky

     Decorative creation that seems to remove the entire ceiling …


Starlit Cupola

     Let yourself captured by magic and expand your universe…


Spiral Galaxy

     The Milky Way Galaxy or one of the many spiral galaxies...


Space Equilibrium     

Emotions at their most… Be the center of the universe !


Mountain Scenery 

     Imagine the sunset behind the mountain crest full of snow and enjoy watching the stars on the celestial starry arch… 


Stellary Lagoon

     What could be more romantic than looking at the stars becoming as one on the horizon in the calm sea...


Personal Planetarium

     We reproduce the exact image of the Starlit Sky with the stars placed in their accurate astronomical position.


Fairy Tale World

     You can offer the magic of stories with designs filled with fantasy, just like from the childhood fairy tales


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